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Did you know, my first baby was 11 months old before he slept his first EVER 2 hour stretch.  11 MONTHS OLD!
I NEEDED this newsletter & motherhood connection then!
Naps were non-existent or a huge struggle just to get 30 minutes and he was up every 45-60 minutes all night long! I did not think this was going to be what motherhood felt like. I was frustrated, exhausted and as sad as I am to admit, I started to not enjoy being a mom.
Lack of sleep stole my joy of being a mom during these early months. 
Going into motherhood I read about having a "tribe" and how "it takes a village" and as months went by I started to wonder where the hell all of that was.  Why did I feel so alone? I followed amazing moms on social media, had a couple of close friends but man, I felt completely alone.  You know why.... I couldn't find anyone to talk about REAL motherhood.  The non-glittery parts to motherhood.  The RAW times in motherhood.  The sore vaginas, mastitis, resentment of your spouse because he got to LEAVE THE HOUSE every day, the feeling alone, the feelings of guilt, the crying in the shower and all of the other things that accompany motherhood that are covered up with pretty pictures and "I totally love my life" posts.  We all go through it.
Fast forward 5 years and I now have 3 little ones. Since learning so much more about sleep and through trial and error of how to get through my days in one piece, my experience with the second and third baby looked much different.  The biggest change, sleep was not this hidden treasure that I could never find.  It was balanced, appropriate and allowed me to feel confident as a parent! The next biggest change, I realized that if nobody else wanted to really talk about the hard stuff then I was ready to break the ice.  Feeling empowered by the hard times instead of like I was drowning really did change our day to day lives for the better!  
This is how you SHOULD feel.  Trust me, you deserve it
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