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 Infant Sleep Documents

Having a baby can be an over whelming experience.  There is very little information availbale to parents about sleep.  Well, actually there is tons of sleep information out there but it can often be hard to follow, hard to know what is best for your little one and hard to know how to implement different suggestions!  It feels like each different resource contradindicates each other making it very difficult and frustrating for parents!


Nurturing Sleep Solutions has taken all of the information from sleep expert books, my education, and my personal experience from working with families to develop my own Nurturing Sleep Books!!  I am very excited to be able to help and reach more families to help you get the sleep you (and your baby) deserve.  These books provide the PERFECT do-it-yourself guide and is basically a sleep plan in a booklet.  It will include everything you will need to make changes as soon as you receive it!


Each book is designed for different age groups.  I did this so that you could get the most amount of information for the stage you are at now instead of trying to decide what is appropriate now and what is appropriate later.  I feel very strongly that different ages mean different challenges, milestones, and different care.  How we would make changes with a 4 month old would be drastically different than that of a 11 month old.  This will allow you to feel confident implementing changes and knowing that they are developmentally appropriate.  


Books available are:

  • Newborn - 6 months

  • 6 - 9 months

  • 9 - 12 months

  • 12 - 18 months


Topics include but are not limited to:


  • Sleep Development

  • Sleep Needs broken down into each month

  • Suggested Day & Night Sleep Requirements for each month of age

  • Infant Suggested Wake Times for each month of age along with sample schedules on how to implement them

  • Healthy Sleep Environment Information that triggers the body to go into sleep mode

  • Healthy Routines that encourage healthy naps and bedtimes

  • Nap information including steps to work through a nap transition

  • Bedtimes and How To Adjust bedtimes to work effectively with nap schedules and nap transitions

  • Detailed sleep coaching options so that you and your family have all of the information to implement a coaching plan if you choose to.


Investment: $25.00!  I want these books to be accessible and affordable.  My goal is for more families to be sleeping!


The books can be found in Grande Prairie, Alberta at MINT Health & Drugs Pharmacy.  Stop in, say hi, and get yourself a book.  

If you are not in the area you can request the document you would like by clicking on the "Request Document Now" button below.  Let me know which age group you would like as well as your address and I will respond ASAP and get your book to you.


Shipping costs is $5.00 even for Canadian Addresses.  Please contact if shipping address is out of Canada.   


** Families who purchase a document will receive 10% off of a future sleep package if needed.


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