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Packages & Consultations


Nurturing Sleep Solutions offers a variety of consulting options.  Please take a look at the different services below and find one that best suits your family!  If you have any questions or need any guidance please feel free to contact me anytime I can assist you in finding a package that works best for you.  

Nurturing Full Service Consultation - In-Home

The Full Service In Home Consultation package is designed for families who prefer face-to-face interaction.  This package allows me to come  and meet your family and build a personable relationship based on the situation that you are experiencing.  This package will also give us the opportuinity  to work together in order to optimize your child's sleep environment to ensure safe and encouraging sleep habits.

Nurturing Email Consultation Packages

Nurturing Email Consulting packages are great for families who prefer to communicate through email.  These packages offer more flexibility as there will be no set appointment for an in-home meeting or phone/skype conversation.  Email packages provide the same support to you and your family with quick and supportive responses to all of your emails.  We will continue an ongoing email conversation that allows us the ability to work together continuously to help everyone on their journey to getting more restful sleep!

Nurturing Full Service Consultation - Phone/Skype

The Full Service Skype or Phone package is perfect for families who would like a little more support than just email conversation.  It allows us to discuss in depth the situation that you are experiencing at a time that best suits you. 

One Time Phone Consultation

Available for families who want to discuss over the phone certain disturbances and receive personal suggestions to work with.


Self Implementation Plan

The Self Implementation plan is perfect for families who need a little guidance and a plan but don't require follow up support.  Great for busy families who don't have a lot of time for back to back communication.


Group Consultations

Have a close group of friends??  This is perfect for the group to get together and have all of your sleep questions and concerns answered with the support of your friends! 


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