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An Essential Guide to Newborn Sleep (1).

An instant PDF download to help you and your newborn get the most restorative sleep possible!

Ages: Newborn to 4 months 

This COMPLETE newborn guide will cover:

- Setting up the sleep environment

- Establishing beneficial routines

- Month-to-month sleep outlines to help you reach your sleep goals and go over how you can tweak timing and set up healthy sleep.

- Nutrition

- How to work on sleep while maintaining a healthy breastfeeding relationship

- Colic/Crying

- Gentle Newborn Sleep Strategies that actually work (this is not sleep training!)

- Strategies for day/night confusion

- Nailing drowsy but awake

- Dads role in newborn sleep

- Post-Partum Depression & Anxiety

and SO MUCH more!

This 60 page book will set you and your baby up for success! I promise, you will LOVE it!  Get it now and set yourself up for the best sleep possible!

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