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"We had the pleasure of working with Hailee when our baby was 5 months old. We wanted to implement healthy sleep habits early on so we could establish a solid foundation for sleep. As a first time mom I was inundated with information about how to "sleep train my baby" and I did not realize how complex sleep and scheduling could be. Hailee was so knowledgable and professional and we are so happy our paths crossed and she was the coach to help our family. Her nurturing approach was perfect for us as I felt my baby was still so young and we were co-sleeping for bed and naps. Hailee really takes her time to set a solid foundation for sleep and by the time we were ready to start the actual sleep training there was no stress on my baby. She was so diligent at answering all my questions and responding to my countless emails. Once my baby started sleeping independently the whole house started getting better rest. Sleep is such a big part of navigating being a parent and I am so glad we had Hailee to support us and show us the way to better sleep! 

The L Family


"Before we contacted Hailee, I was the only one that could get our 8 month old son to sleep, and I couldn't even do it without nursing him, or rocking him for 20 minutes three times a day! It just wasn't fair to my 3 year old daughter or my husband or anyone who we left him with for babysitting. Then when those methods started to fail me, and my husband found me crying in the bathroom while our poor little guy wailed away in his crib, we knew we needed some serious help.

Hailee was so wonderful to work with. The program she set up for us was easier to implement than I expected and she set up the changes we needed to make at a pace that made me feel comfortable and empowered to get my little man on the right track.  Now he is so easy to put down, falls asleep on his own within 5 minutes or less, and I can leave him with a babysitter without having anxiety that they won't be able to get him to sleep. Having Hailee's support truely helped me gain back my freedom, my sanity and my confidence in myself as a mom!

My only regret is now I actually have to start working out, because I don't have my daily cardio from rocking him to sleep anymore..."

The G Family


Hailee's name was passed on to us by another mum I know who had heard great things about her!
We had attempted to get my 9 month old to sleep it seems like forever and was always unsuccessful. She had multiple wake ups during the night and naps consisted of us holding her.... Whenever we attempted to have her nap in the crib she would just cry! It came down to one weekend my daughter was awake hourly for four nights in a row. We were done! In desperation I contacted Hailee and received a very swift response from her. We filled in the very detailed I take form and Hailee and I had Phone consult. We immediate the next day made the necessary adjustments to my daughters nursery as Hailee had suggested to make it a conductive sleeping environment. Once the nursery was ready we focused on the daytime schedule Hailee had outlined. Within 1-2 days my daughter was having two naps a day both for 2 hours at time in her crib! Nightime she was having one to two wakes up only!!!!!! 
I have nothing but fantastic praises for Hailee. She was a lifesaver and always responded to my questions and pleas for help in a timely fashion. I have already recommended her to many of friends and would continue to do so. 
Thank you so much Hailee!!!!

The H Family


I just wanted to write to all the parents that are desperately looking for a change in their little ones sleep habits but do not know where to start. I reached out to Hailee around February, very skeptical that someone who has never met my baby could actually make a change in her sleep. Little did I know that this would be the best investment I’d ever made, on Hailee, into my baby, and into my own downtime with my loved one.

Hailee not only helped me get my baby sleeping in her own crib. But she helped me teach her how to fall asleep on her own, and stay asleep through more than 1 sleep cycle. Let me give you a little insight on how Maya used to sleep; with my fiancé and I every night nursing to sleep. Nursing throughout the night and comfort latching whenever she needed help going back to sleep. We were all exhausted by this because we would wake each other up with any slight movement. Now our whole family sleeps so much better.

If you’re still with me through all of this, I also wanted to let you know that Hailee is there for you till the bitter end. Which for us the naps did take a bit longer to finally balance out (my baby is a very stubborn one but they still did! Yayyy!) and my time was up but I still needed ideas and suggestions and she kept trying and supporting this poor mama bear till the end.

I’m so glad I put my trust into someone who knows how to help and in a safe way. I would recommend Hailee to any and everyone looking even if you’re just looking for some insight.

The L Family


"The day before I talked to Hailee on the phone we (my daughter and I) had a very rough day. Naps weren't happening, she was not happy and i was frustrated. After the first time I talked to Hailee I felt very excited to start our new sleep plan. I felt very confidant in her and in myself. I liked the sleep methods she chose for our family. It was something that wasn't out of my comfort zone and seemed manageable. After she sent me the sleep plan and outline I was even more hopefully once i read it over. The next day was the big test. I knew it wouldn't happen over night but if there was any improvement I would be happy.  She woke up in the morning and followed the suggestions. When it was time for her first nap I was shocked that within 7 minutes of being in her crib alone she was asleep. In the past 2 weeks we only had one difficult nap which is amazing considering she cut a tooth in the middle of all of this. In the past 2 weeks she has changed from waking up 2-4 times a night to only once and going down for all her naps and bed time on her own and not crying in her crib for hours on end. Seeing as my husband had just left for work out of town i wasn't sure how i would manage but Hailee has been very supportive and any time i had any questions she had an answer or another option right away."

The S Family


"My 6 month old decided he didn't want to nap or sleep anymore, he would cry till I picked him up and he would only fall asleep on us and never in his bed alone.  After working with Hailee my little man is having 3 naps a day and going to bed at 7 p.m. with no crying.  I didn't think it was possible, it's been the best thing for our family.  He is in such a good mood, loves his nap times and has no problems going to bed. When you have a great teacher like Hailee anything is possible.  Thank you Hailee for putting on us on the right track with both my little ones, you are the reason I get to have a good nights sleep."

The B Family


"My son had been waking up every two hours since the day he was born. By 6 months old I knew we needed a change. My friends had babies that slept! What could I do differently? Sleep deprivation is a huge struggle and makes the days very long and the nights even longer. I contacted Hailee after Christmas ready to begin a gentle approach to better sleep. She was friendly and replied quickly, eager to help. I told her I wasn’t comfortable in an aggressive approach and she said that’s not her style. So we got to work!  Within a few days, his nights had improved. His naps were getting longer and he was happy. I was able to put him down in his crib without a soother or the breast and he fell asleep within minutes.
My spouse and I have our evenings back. I have some “me” time during the day while my son sleeps and we are able to plan our days better with more predictable nap times.
I’m so happy I reached out for help. As a nurse I know how important sleep is to adult health as well as children’s health. It’s important to establish healthy routines and habits early on.
Hailee was encouraging and supportive. She replied quickly to my emails when I had questions and updates. If you’re considering sleep training, I highly recommend Nurturing Sleep Solutions."

The M Family

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