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What Is A Sleep Consultant

A Certified Sleep Consultant is a professional who works with families and individuals at developing and maintaing healthy sleep habits.  Their role is not only to develop strategies to enhance sleep routines and schedules but to also educate and support families about the foundations of sleep.


Often Sleep Consultants are linked to sleep "training" methods but this not always the case.  Yes, we as sleep professionals do implement sleep coaching strategies but only if they are needed. We first approach sleep disturbances from a more gentle side looking at sleep environments, healthy sleep associations, proper nutrition, productive routines and schedules, and the bodies natural biological rhythms. 


Every Sleep Consultant is unique in how they practice.  My Mission Statement blog post may help you see a little more about what I am like.

"I had felt like I had done everything "wrong" and Hailee really Reassured me that there is no "wrong" way, I felt really supported and like I could contact her at any time of the day and receive a quick and helpful response"

How Can A Sleep Consultant Help Me?

Hiring a Sleep Consultant has many benefits.  If you are an individual who is experiencing sleep disturbances either in yourself or in your children and you are tired, frustrated, and ready for a change then a sleep consultant may be the answer.  


A Sleep Consultant will work 1 on 1 with you and your family to develop a unique, specialized plan just for you!  No two plans are ever the same as no two people are ever the same.  These plans are guided by sleep resources and education that the Sleep Consultant has but it is based on YOU! 


If you are ready to have healthy nights and happy days then contact me today!

"I liked having someone there all the time to troubleshoot any sleep issues I was having. I felt like I was supported while trying to sleep train and that was something I really needed."

"My husband and I were really clueless and we would google all we wanted but it's so hard to know what will work and what won't.  If it felt difficult in the beginning we just trusted the plan and sure enough it worked and quickly!"

"I appreciated:

-how promptly she returned my texts and emails

-how she was always positive

-how she would give me step by step instructions when I needed them

-all of the information she provided me with

-all of the support she was always willing to give me"

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